Get a degree under false pretences

April 16, 2009

I’ve heard of people buying pre-packaged College-level essays etc. to get their degree, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone advertise for someone to write their essay for them, for payment. I saw this as part of my Google Alerts for ‘technical writing’.

Ad for someone to write essays

Ad for someone to write essays

So, if a Gen Y (or later) person applies for a job, how does the employer/recruiter know if they earned their degree or not? You could check with the issuing institution, but that only confirms they got credit for what they submitted, not that they wrote it. While many universities and colleges now use software to detect plagiarism, this ad clearly states that the assignments (NOTE: multiple assignments!) must not be plagiarized. In other words, the person advertising for a writer wants to get a degree without doing the learning and the work that demonstrates that learning. There’s something seriously wrong with that.

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