MYOB error messages

April 5, 2009

I store my MYOB data file on my server and occasionally when I try to back it up and zip it, I get some error messages that tell me absolutely nothing and the zip process fails. However, I’ve figured out the circumstances under which I get these errors, so hopefully this information can help someone else figure out what’s going on.

The first error message is a DynaZip one about an ‘Output file write failure’ — the last part of the file path can vary… this is just an example:

MYOB - DynaZip ZIP Error

MYOB - DynaZip ZIP Error

This message is usually accompanied by a Windows – Delayed Write Failed popup error message:

MYOB - Windows Delayed Write Failed

MYOB - Windows Delayed Write Failed

After I click OK on the DynaZip error (no, it’s NOT OK [see previous blog post] but I don’t have any other choice, do I?), I get this indecipherable error message — well, it’s indecipherable to anyone except perhaps a MYOB software programmer!:

MYOB - Termination error

MYOB - Termination error

I think it tells me that MYOB has to terminate (exit? close? shut down? — surely there’s a more user-friendly word than ‘terminate’?? it reminds me of ‘Exterminate!’ in ‘Dr Who’), and then gives me some ‘important details’. Important to whom? Not to me. If these details are important to me, then give them to me in language I can understand, not some weird ‘Termination Code: 1263’ and ‘Error -557 in DMEndBackup (5114:0:0)’. What’s up with that?? If I need to report this information to a tech support person, then tell me. Something simple like ‘Important details for MYOB tech support: …’ would be a start.

OK, enough about my ranting about useless error messages… What causes these MYOB errors and how do you fix them?

My experience over many months with these errors leads me to believe that at some point in the zip process there’s a glitch on my network, or MYOB *thinks* that there’s a glitch on my network (I backup my MYOB data to the server). So the zip file is not created. The verification works fine.

The solution is to re-open your MYOB data file again (‘cos after you click OK on the final error message, MYOB closes). Then try the backup again (File > Backup). Invariably I find that the backup/zip process goes through without error the second time.

However, I do get these messages regularly enough for them to be a pain, and to figure that maybe someone else is getting them too and would benefit from what little I’ve discovered about them and how to workaround them.

And PLEASE PLEASE can software companies get their technical writer or technical communciations specialist to go over ALL their error message strings and get rid of this sort of gobbledegook that makes mere mortals feel inadequate — it’s like we (the users of your software) are locked out of some secret society where this stuff is known and understood. It’s not a nice feeling.


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  2. In my case, the backup files were being saved to my Dropbox folder, and once I quit out of Dropbox, the error stopped recurring. Thank you only Google result. :)

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  4. Same as Anne, found copying the back up file to DropBox seemed to be the issue.

  5. I have problem with my myob , the error is when I verify, it state test 2 of 49 incorrect number of records, and memos 22 of 49 and restore my backup also cannot there ask for termination. anybody can help

  6. Hi Wendy

    I suggest you contact MYOB Support.


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