Images not displaying in Firefox 3

March 21, 2009

I had some weird stuff happen recently on my Vista Ultimate laptop. Most websites would show images, but a Google image search would not display thumbnail pictures of the results. I thought it was Vista as Firefox 3 on my Windows XP machine has no trouble with Google image search results. So I Googled for an answer (as you do — what *did* we do before Google?) and found that it’s a known issue with some configurations.

The Mozilla website (Firefox’s parent) lists several options to try if you’re not seeing images or animations when you expect to, starting from changing settings in Firefox and clearing the cache, through to checking your antivirus and firewall settings. The first two in the list worked for me and now I can see thumbnails from a Google image search.

Details of all the options are here:
[Link last checked August 2012]


  1. I had this problem too and none of tips in the above helped. But I got bg-images to show again by re-checking the boxes in “Check image permissions” menu and saving the changes. Seems like FF3 showed that the option was checked while it really wasnt.

  2. This works:

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