Finding a Microsoft Product Key for an installed product

March 2, 2009

I had an issue with my Microsoft Office 2003, so contacted Microsoft’s Support. One thing they needed to find out was whether the Product Key I had on my Office 2003 CD was the one used when Office was installed on my PC. I believed it was, but Davin, the support guy, wanted to confirm this.

Davin got me to download and install a neat little free utility called Belarc Advisor (available from http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html), which runs over your PC and finds all you product and license keys then reports them in a local web page. It does not send any information back to a mothership somewhere!

Anyhow, with that utility, we found that the installed version of Office 2003 on my PC used a product key from a volume license vendor, NOT from my Microsoft Action Pack Subscription CD. What a surprise! Anyhow, uninstalling and reinstalling Office and entering the correct Product Key sorted out the problem I was having (I was getting “Not Genuine Office” messages in Outlook).

So, if you need to find out which Product Key is applied to your Microsoft software, download, install and run this Belarc Advisor utility. It tells you heaps of other stuff about your computer and all the installed programs, patches, hotfixes etc. too.

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