Author-it: Word output

February 14, 2009

Sylvia asked the Author-it User Group about getting decent looking Word output from Author-it. Here is my response:

… the Word output is whatever you want it to be. It’s only limited by what you are capable of doing in Word (with some small limitations). Author-it ‘out of the box’ has some reasonable Word templates — did you try those?

Author-it doesn’t control your Word templates — you do. What Author-it does is map a path to your template(s) for publishing, maps the Author-it style names to the style names in the Word template, maps the auto text entries for headers and footers, and controls the page setup (via media objects).

You can *definitely* get great Word output from Author-it, but it’s entirely dependent on your ability to use Word. If you don’t have the skills, consider hiring an Author-it consultant to set up what you want — typically, it’s a one-off task.

Now a BIG word of advice — make copies of the ‘out of the box’ templates and store them in a subfolder called Originals or similar, BEFORE you fiddle with the Word templates. That way you can always go back to the default set if you stuff things up (technical term!). Another piece of advice: If you are in the early stages of evaluation, leave the templates alone for a while. Play with the interface, get familiar with the object and single-sourcing concepts, and run through the provided tutorial.

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