PaintShop Pro: Resize an image

February 13, 2009

Before you resize an image in PaintShop Pro X, decide whether you want to keep the original or whether you’re happy to make changes to the original. If the image is a JPG, then any changes you make to the original will lose quality each time you save. It’s often safer to work on a copy, then delete the original at a later time if you no longer need it.

To make a duplicate of an open image, press Shift+D then work on the duplicate.

Hint: If you don’t know the measurements you want for the final image, but have a visual idea of how big it should be, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out to the size you’d like the image to be. Take a note of that percentage (e.g. 25%) — it is listed on the tab (if you’re using PaintShop Pro X’s tabbed interface), on the toolbar, and in the title bar.

Places where the zoom percentage is shown

Places where the zoom percentage is shown

To resize an image:

  1. Press Shift+S to open the Resize window (or go to Image > Resize on the menu).
  2. Change the Pixel Dimensions unit of measure to Percent.
  3. Set the width value to the percentage required (e.g. 25%).
  4. Make sure Resample using is set to Smart Size.
  5. Make sure Lock aspect ratio is selected.
  6. Leave the other settings as they are.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Save the image.
Resize window in PaintShop Pro X

Resize window in PaintShop Pro X


  1. I found a free online image resizer called QuickResizer Image Resizer. If you are away from your PC and don’t want to download any software, you can just use this online version for free. It’s quick and it’s easy to use.

    You can also download their full version of QuickResizer image resizer if you want to resize multiple files in a folder with just a click of the mouse.

  2. PaintShop Pro makes a pretty good fist of image resizing. I find it best to save the document in native format (.psp, .pspimage) if you’re going to be tweaking your image much. Treat your .jpg (or whatever) as an output format at the end of the process.

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