Accessing your modem from your computer

February 11, 2009

I had to purchase another modem/router as mine suddenly didn’t work. When I added the new one, I couldn’t see it using in my web browser (the default address for the new Belkin modem/router I purchased). So I called Belkin support and the nice support guy took me through a few things.

He got me to enter in both Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. No response.

Next, he got me to attach the modem directly to my computer, not go through the network hub.

I tried in the browsers again. Still no result.

Then he got me to check that my computer could ‘see’ the modem by pinging it (Start > Run > cmd > ping Yes — it was there!

So then he got me to open the Run dialog (Start > Run) and this time enter That worked! The modem’s login window now appeared in my browser and I could configure it with his help.

So if you can’t access your modem’s admin panel through your browser, try pinging it, then entering the full HTTP address in the Run dialog. That little trick worked for me!

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