Check the speed of your connection

February 1, 2009

I’ve been having intermittent speed issues with my 8Mbps ADSL Broadband connection, so I contacted my ISP. We checked lots of things, but one thing that has helped in ascertaining the actual speed I’m getting at any time is a little command line utility called tracert (for ‘trace route’).

  1. Go to the command prompt (Start > Run, then enter cmd).
  2. Type tracert [url], where [url] is the URL you want to check your connection speed to. For example, my ISP is iinet so to check my speed to their servers, I enter tracert http://www.iinet.net.au
  3. The connection speed for each of the hops taken to reach the destination is reported back on screen.

According to the iinet Support people, this is a more reliable speed check than using ping [url], another command line utility.

For me, anything under 20 ms (milliseconds) is excellent! You can see from the images below that I’ve had much worse than that… And no, we still don’t know the reason (maybe we do now!), but at least I have a way of checking the speed at any time. I’ve blurred details such as server names and IP addresses.

A good speed!

A good speed!

Not so good...

Not so good...


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