Donation in lieu of corporate Christmas cards

December 22, 2008

In the spirit of Christmas, on behalf of CyberText Consulting I have made a donation to the Western Operations of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia in lieu of sending out Christmas cards to clients.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is an essential service for people living and working in areas outside the major metropolitan centres. It provides on-ground medical services and air ambulance transport.

Many of my clients are mining and resource companies whose employees live and work in some of Australia’s remotest places. The RFDS is literally a lifeline for them, and for all outback workers and travellers. While it gets some government funding, it relies a lot on donations and bequests to keep running.

More information:


  1. Excellent idea Rhonda! More and more of my friends are donating to charities in lieu of gifts and I will be doing the same in the future.


  2. This is the best Christmas card I’ve got in a long time. Thanks Rhonda – perhaps you’re starting a new tradition here as I think I’ll do this next year.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.


  3. I’ve been doing this for a few years now. When we lived in Perth, I donated to the Perth Zoo after doing the corporate Christmas Card thing for a few years. Last year and this year, it’s the RFDS as they are such a valuable part of our history and our very existence outside the major towns and cities. I spend more on the donation than I would on the cards, but at least the donation gets put to some use and won’t get shredded! ;-)

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