Live in Australia? Want to buy goods from US websites?

November 8, 2008

Do you live in Australia? Want to buy goods from US websites but they won’t ship to Australia?

Then this site—operated by Singapore Post—is for you. The goods get shipped to a US address, then sent on to Australia for a small extra fee. Details: https://www.vpostasia.com/australia/index.html

It’s a pity Australia Post didn’t think of this first…

Update August 2010: Just launched for PayPal users is HopShopGo (http://www.hopshopgo.com/). Ideal for when when you can’t buy goods from a US store without a US address and/or US-originating credit card. HopShopGo gives you a US address, and if a US credit card is required, also pays for the goods for you and then debits your PayPal account. When the goods are received at the US address, they are forwarded on to your real address outside the US. Please note: I asked HopShopGo about purchasing some downloadable software. They responded that they only deal with tangible goods; software downloads, domain names etc. are intangible goods, so are not able to be purchased through HopShopGo.

Update October 2010: Another is MyUS.com: http://myus2.myus.com/

Update September 2011: From Australian Personal Computer magazine, September 2011 issue:

Update December 2012: http://www.shipito.com/

[This article was first published in the December 2007 CyberText Newsletter; links last checked August 2010]


  1. I have used http://www.BongoUS.com for my US purchases/ They receive on my behalf and then fwd onto AU, very reliable and fast service.

  2. […] looked at those sites that offer to buy on your behalf with their US credit card and address and ship to Australia — but they don’t deal with […]

  3. Another awesome freight forwarding company to have your purchased US online goods through is http://www.uselectimports.com. Very competitive and they even import american classic and muscle cars!

  4. I have used a few different sites but I think
    http://www.shipville.com is the least expensive.

  5. Shipville and Forwardit.us are owned by the same people now and the service is awful and expensive. They cancelled my order without permission, told me I’d have to pay the costs to return items to the vendor and then only would I get a refund. I raised a Paypal claim to get my money back.

  6. How about forwarding from UK to Australia, are any of these forwarders providing with such a service? Or a need to find a UK based forwarding company? I researched a bit on this subject and came up with forwarders like Scypax, Forward2me or http://www.myukmailbox.com? The cheapest is the last one company, but to figure if anybody has used their services before and what they say.

  7. i have used the following site and the customer service was excellent. they will assist you with the buying and repack it in a very economical way which will save you a lot. http://www.fromus2eu.com

  8. Any experiences with https://planetexpress.com/?

  9. UPDATE 2019: https://planetexpress.com/ they have the highest Trustscore from all package forwarding companies listed here.

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