Outlook: Skip to another month in the calendar

October 22, 2008

When you’re in Calendar view in Outlook, you’ve always been able to skip from one month to another by clicking on the next and previous arrows on the blue bar above a month’s name. But this only moves the calendar one month at a time.

What if you want to skip a few months? Well, there’s a very simple trick that I only learned about a short while ago. No doubt it’s been available in Outlook *forever*, but it was new to me!

You click ON the colored bar—a shortcut menu pops up displaying the previous three months and the next three. You then just move you mouse up or down the list and click the month you want to see. Neat huh? I never knew you could do that!

So what if it’s now July and you want to see December? Well, you could select October from July’s list then repeat the trick. But it’s quicker to click in September‘s colored bar (assuming you can see September, of course) and you’ll get the three months before and after September.

To get back to today’s calendar, just click the Today button.

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