Word: Jumping to another place

October 17, 2008

Microsoft Word allows you to quickly jump to another place in your document without scrolling. This is especially useful if you work with long documents.

Many of you may already know that the Go To function (press F5 or Ctrl+G), allows you to skip to a particular page. But you can also use it to skip to a section, a line, a bookmark, a comment, an endnote or footnote, a field, a table, a graphic, an equation, an object, and even a heading. For example, if the document had been reviewed by a number of people, you could quickly go to the comments from a particular reviewer, by selecting Comment from the Go To tab, then selecting the reviewer’s name from the list.

Don’t forget the Previous and Next buttons either, and the + and keys—if you know your document well, these can move you forward or backward the required number of ‘objects’ (for example, select Section then type +5 to go to the fifth section in the document).

[This article was first published in the September 2002 CyberText Newsletter; steps checked in January 2008, and rechecked in September 2008 for Word 2007]

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