Word: Repeat a table’s heading row

October 14, 2008

If you have created a table that goes across a page, then you may want to repeat the header for each column on subsequent pages. You can do this automatically in Microsoft Word.

Just select the first table row that contains the header information (yes, you can select two rows), then apply the relevant attribute depending on your version of Word:

  • Word 2003: Select Table > Heading Rows Repeat from the Word menu.
  • Word 2007: Go to the Table Tools Layout tab, then click Repeat Header Rows.
Table Header Row setting in Word 2007

Table Header Row setting in Word 2007

Header row won’t repeat? Try this: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/word-header-row-wont-repeat/

[This article was first published in the September 2003 CyberText Newsletter; updated September 2008 to include Word 2007 details; links last checked October 2011]


  1. Its not working. I click repeat header rows and nothing happens.

  2. Hi Rene

    It’s possible that the table is set to ‘wrap’ — take a look at this blog post of mine to see if that’s the reason you header row won’t repeat: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/word-header-row-wont-repeat/


  3. Hello Rhonda! It is the first time I post a comment and I hope to do it right! Sorry for using machine translation, I am Brazilian and I only have three months of English classes, but could not wait to tackle my quertão only answer is already great! I’m doing a model for university work and I am certain progress achieved, OCD is perfect as the source and paragraphs and styles, legends, colors, numbers, fields for data such as student’s name and others, page numbering between sections. The standard is the ASME, with minor changes between the colleges, but it could leave a lot done. Where am having frustrations and table, in which exceed a page is not repeated by the standard headers (normal!), and should not be limited on the sheet where it ends and begins with a table row.
    I mean when the table “passed” to another page where “cuts” the table can not be horizontal and not where it begins on the new page, the table has only one top line and another in doing basic limits, the problem and bizarre also, it was my partial solution: I managed to get part of that solution in a table quickly and in a style, but it did in both the procedure: X created a number of lines, eg. 6, the design right, above the table was added and empty paragraphs line by line, that invaded the next page I was deleting a single line that was starting in the second bottom line of the table, it appears that the lines from the bottom “inherit “this line, and page where the table comes a superior line begins, this strategy has worked to the last row, table, and table style are giving the result I want to the lines delimiting the table, but the method is very unusual. Could you help me extend this propriedada the entire table?

  4. Hi Celso

    If you’re using Word 2007/2010, then you may have a table design style set that you can’t see. See if this blog post helps answer your question: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/word-table-borders-dont-hold/


  5. I don’t WANT the header to repeat, but clicking on Repeat Headers doesn’t stop it from doing so. I’ve had a terrible time trying to keep a header to stay PUT and not move around, so I took my grouped image and a small table and pasted that into a “header”. But it goes to the top of every page and that isn’t what I want. How do I stop it? T hanks!

  6. Hi Twistedkilt

    This post is about TABLE heading rows, not page headers.

    Headers and footers automatically repeat across all pages within a section, but you can alter the behaviour for the first page in the section (see below). If you have more than one section, you can change the header/footer for those other sections. But if there’s only one section in the document (default behaviour when you start a new document), then that means all pages, except perhaps the first, will have the same header unless you add some section breaks and adjust the headers/footers of each section.

    To make the header/footer different for the first page of a section, double-click the very top part of a page to open the Header and Footer Tools > Design tab. Check the ‘Different First Page’ check box, then make the changes to the header/footer for that page.


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