Author-it: Find all topics not in any Book

August 31, 2008

It’s a while since I needed to do a creative search in Author-it, but a couple of weeks ago I was trying to identify all topics based on five different topic templates that are not in any book at all—my ‘orphan’ topics. So I tried this search in Author-it v5.0 and got my list! Now I can do my housekeeping knowing that I’m only working with a small number of topics and not having to check the relationships of some hundreds of topics.

Here’s my advanced search criteria in case you need to do this yourself:

  • Advanced search: Turned on
  • Based On: I selected these five client-specific topic templates: <client> Chapter, <client> Glossary, <client> Normal, <client> First Chapter, and <client> Chapter (QRC).
  • In Book: I selected (No Books)

Click FIND NOW – Voila! All ‘orphan’ topics are listed.

Just watch out for any that may be embedded in another topic if you’re intending to delete them or want to change their release state to “Obsolete” or move them to a folder with only Admin permissions, or similar.

Hope this helps someone else. And if anyone has a quicker way to do this, please share.

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