Adobe is seriously testing my patience

August 26, 2008

So, I finally relent and purchase Captivate 3. I wait a couple of weeks to simmer down after my previous recent stressful experiences with Adobe software before installing it on my new laptop (do a search on this blog for “adobe” if you want to read about my previous experiences). Today’s the day!

I read the ‘readme’ file to make sure I follow everything exactly. I close all applications. I insert the DVD. I install Captivate 3 with no errors. I activate the product successfully. I register the product successfully. It opens. All is right with my world so far, and I’m thinking the first kind thoughts about Adobe that I’ve had in a couple of months.

So being the masochist that I am, I figure that maybe there’s been an update to the version I’m on. I go to Help > Updates and see that there is. I download the update and install it using the big Download and Install Updates button. The progress bar indicates that something is happening. And then I get this error message telling me that I must have Captivate 3 installed! Well, d’uh—I just installed it!

Tell me which version I'm on?

Tell me which version I'm on??

I select the Cancel this update and quit option, then click OK. Guess what the next message is? This one…

Well, no it hasn't

Well, no it hasn't - I'm still on

So I go to the Adobe Forums and Knowledgebase looking for anyone else who may have encountered this issue. The only information I find is a suggestion to uninstall and reinstall. And I also find the link to the Downloads page. My next step before uninstalling and reinstalling (grrrr!) is to download the update and install it manually, not using the automatic updater from within Captivate.

Downloading and installing the update myself worked. Thank goodness. The update takes me from to, and is available for download from here:

But despite it working, it was another hour out of my life testing, hunting down solutions on forums, then downloading and installing stuff that I shouldn’t have had to do if the darned thing worked right the first time! I’m still not happy with Adobe. Products should not be released when such fundamental functionality doesn’t work.

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