Creating powerful messages using charts

August 24, 2008

I discovered a terrific (and free) way of presenting magazines, catalogues, brochures, and the like at a new service called ISSUU (http://issuu.com/).

And while I was whiling away a few spare minutes there, I discovered a document titled Visualizing Information for Advocacy: An introduction to Information Design by John Emerson and the Tactical Technology Collective. You can see it here:

Emerson shows some great examples of compelling messages using charts, and gives some great tips for creating your own. The PDF is available for download from:

Although I’ve only glanced through this document, it immediately reminded me of two things that I’ve found very impressive:

  • An article I read in Technical Communication titled Cruel Pies: The Inhumanity of Technical Illustrations
    (www.stc.org/edu/50thConf/dataShow.asp?ID=188; PDF).
  • Hans Rosling’s brilliant TED Talks on presenting statistics in a very different way (both are about 20 mins long).


  1. hello, just thought I’d clarify that the visualizing information for advocacy booklet was written by John Emerson and produced by the Tactical Technology Collective. To see the PDF version, please go to http://www.tacticaltech.org/infodesign

  2. Thanks Sophia. That’s actually mentioned on the Issuu site, but I overlooked it. Sorry about that. I’ve modified the post to reflect the correct attribution and linked to the PDF download page too.

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