That devilish apostrophe

August 18, 2008

Having been referred to as the ‘apostrophe nazi’ on the odd occasion, I found the Apostrophe Protection Society’s website an absolute delight. Not only does it clearly and simply set out the rules for when to use an apostrophe (and when not to), but there are some great photographic examples of apostrophe abuses—especially “greengrocer’s apostrophes”. More details at: http://www.apostrophe.org.uk/

If you want a fun apostrophe usage guide for your office, take a look at angryflower.com/bobsqu.gif

[This article was first published in the December 2003 CyberText Newsletter; links last checked December 2014]

One comment

  1. Hi Rhonda,

    I, too, am fanatical about apostrophe placement. I just read an article in the October 2008 Writer’s Digest that you’d like titled “Mind Your Apostrophes.” Check it out! Thanks for the cool links.

    Kelly Burch

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