Acrobat 9 Pro and Word 2007

August 14, 2008

I’ve just spent wasted about four hours this afternoon trying to troubleshoot why Acrobat 9 Pro and Word 2007 weren’t playing nicely together on my new Vista laptop, when they seemed to be a couple of weeks ago. And after hunting and gathering information from Acrobat Help, Adobe forum sites, Googling, trying (unsuccessfully) to download a Microsoft Office 2007 “Save as PDF” add-on that Tom Johnson mentioned earlier this month, searching the PlanetPDF and PDFZone sites (gee, they’ve both gone very commercial these days), testing, testing, testing, and swearing—yet again—at Adobe, I FINALLY found the reason they weren’t playing nicely.


The test document I created when I had issues when installing Acrobat 9 was able to correctly create live Table of Contents (TOC) links in the PDF produced from Acrobat 9 Pro via the PDFMaker add-in in Word 2007.

But today I was testing other documents, and they just WOULDN’T display the TOC links no matter what setting I chose.


After a LOT of searching, I found that this is a ‘known issue’ (1678119) and is listed amongst many other ‘known issues’ with Acrobat 9 Pro on the Adobe website. The reason: The Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers check box was cleared in the TOC creation window.


Re-create the TOC for each of these documents, making sure that check box was selected. Save the changes to the template, if asked. After I did that, the TOC links all worked.

As an aside, I found in the Acrobat Help that the old check box for creating links from cross references and Table of Contents is no longer available in Acrobat 9 Pro if you’re using Word 2007 (presumably it’s meant to ‘just happen’). Another four hours productive time lost looking for solutions to problems that should never exist in software that costs this much.

Message to Microsoft and Adobe decision makers: Your fight with each other is hurting those of us who just want to produce decent documents for our employers and clients. Sort it out.


  1. […] Update 14 August 2008: More issues with Table of Contents linking, and a solution… […]

  2. Hello, Rhonda,

    I know of you from the AuthorIT yahoogroup. Thanks for this very helpful tip.

    This should definitely be something added to some kind of ‘helpful advice for AIT users’ reference, even if Sue H will tell us that no one at AuthorIT needs to tell us how to use the associated products made by other companies.

    Better keep your disdain about ‘the corporation’ (in this case, ADOBE) in check too, at least on the AIT group, else Sue and the other PC police might start to hunt you down!…
    (and I say that with a suggestion of humor here).

    Thanks for the tip! I’m adding it to my own ‘How to Set Up and Use AuthorIT’ document for my company’s use, in preparation for migrating to our first venture into V5 with 5.1, from 4.5. Because it will be helpful later on when I forget this nuance. And, I’m not the only writer in my global company that will be involved with Acrobat, which is used with more than just one application.

    I too have wasted so much time on AIT, holding off on moving to V5 but the yahoogroup reports were way too scary for the last year… still are, somewhat.

    I’ll be checking out your AIT wares, training materials and all that… keep up the good work.

    Have a great day…
    Tom Ingram
    Sr Tech Writer, Canberra — part of AREVA
    …writing from Greensboro, North Carolina USA…

  3. […] Update: 21 August 2008: Be aware that removing the TOC hyperlinks in a Word 2007 document will not create a clickable TOC in any PDF you create from that document. See here for details: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/acrobat-9-pro-and-word-2007/ […]

  4. […] you want to show). * Turn off the Use Hyperlinks check box. Be careful! If you’re using Word 2007 and Acrobat 9, leave this setting turned on to create a clickable TOC in the PDF file. * Make sure the Show Page […]

  5. Thanks–I’d only wasted 2.5 hours before finding your rescue.

    An extension to this is where you are using a template that has a ToC in it. Even when you convert to Office 2007, it does not address the problem.

    The answer is to add a “\h” switch to the field codes which now become

    { TOC \o “1-9” \h}
    where \o means take ToC from outline
    “1-9” is the heading outline levesl used–can be changed
    and \h adds the hyperlinks you advised

  6. Adobe Acrobat Standard version 8.1.3 has the same problem with TOC. Links do not work, plus bookmarks that I want to follow word 2007 headings do not work. I get bookmarks that are prefaced by numbers, and are non-functional.

  7. I’m using WORD 2007 and Adobe Acrobat Pro, ver 9. I have two documents in WORD. I want to link from a spot in doc1 to a bookmarked spot in doc2. This is not a problem in WORD. However, when I convert the two docs to a .pdf:
    1. The bookmark spots in doc2 do not translate from the WORD version.
    2. I tried re-creating the bookmarked links (which seems absolutely needless) in Acrobat, but I can’t seem to make it happen.
    Can anybody help? Thanks, Don.

  8. Hi Don

    I can’t help as this isn’t something I’ve tried. But maybe someone else reading this post can… If so, add your solution to this thread.


  9. Has anyone written a macro to replace the TOC with one with hyperlinks checked? I am publishing out of Author-IT and would like to add it to my AfterPublish macro, so I don’t have to do this every time I publish out.

    Thanks in advance!!


  10. Hi Jackie

    I suggest you ask this on the Author-it Forum (http://my.author-it.com/) — there’s bound to be someone there who knows.


  11. I just encountered this issue (I’m testing upgrading our Author-it server to Office 2007 and Acrobat), and couldn’t find a solution in the AIT forums. However, I started looking to create my own macro and realized that I already had an “update TOC” macro (created to ensure that the TOC was always updated). A minor tweak of two settings and I now have live TOC links in my TOC. Here’s the macro:

    ‘ UpdateTOC Macro
    ‘ Macro recorded 3/19/2007 by Sue Heim

    Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory
    With Selection.Find
    .Text = “Contents”
    .Replacement.Text = “”
    .Forward = True
    .Wrap = wdFindContinue
    .Format = False
    .MatchCase = False
    .MatchWholeWord = False
    .MatchWildcards = False
    .MatchSoundsLike = False
    .MatchAllWordForms = False
    End With
    Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdLine, Count:=1
    With ActiveDocument
    .TablesOfContents.Add Range:=Selection.Range, RightAlignPageNumbers:= _
    True, UseHeadingStyles:=True, UpperHeadingLevel:=1, _
    LowerHeadingLevel:=3, IncludePageNumbers:=True, AddedStyles:= _
    “TOFTitle,1”, UseHyperlinks:=True, HidePageNumbersInWeb:=False, _
    .TablesOfContents(1).TabLeader = wdTabLeaderSpaces
    .TablesOfContents.Format = wdIndexIndent
    End With

    I had the setting “UseHyperlinks:=True,” set to false, for some reason, and until now it was never an issue. Changing that setting to True worked, and looking at the field codes the “\h” option is back where it belongs!!

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