Printable blank calendars

August 1, 2008

In case you ever wondered, I post-date most of these blog posts, which means that I need a way to track the dates I’ve already used. While I can use WordPress’ “Manage” facility, it only offers date filtering by month, which means I have to click through a couple of pages to see if there are any ‘free’ dates in a month for a new post.

By the way, post-dating is one of my favourite things in WordPress. For example, I’m writing this post on May 29 and have dated it for publication on August 1, 2008. This is how I can keep up a regular flow of posts. Here’s my dirty little blogging secret: I don’t actually write a post each day!! As I find stuff, I write a post, post-date it, then cross it off on my calendar of ‘available dates’.

So, knowing that, I went hunting for a small blank calendar that I could print out and cross off the dates as I used them. Not very high tech, I know, but seriously, I don’t want high tech for this! I just need pen and paper. I had been jotting down dates for each month on a pad, but that got old real quick. As we no longer live in the city, I don’t get those handy calendars that the real estate agents seem to drop in the letter box each year.

All this is a very long-winded way of getting to the point: I found a neat resource for free, printable blank calendars!

I’m now using the 28-month vertical one from that site which covers Sept 2008 to Dec 2010 on one page. You can see this and other vertical calendars here:

[Links last checked August 2010]

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