Windows XP SP3: Issues

July 5, 2008

Portrait monitors

I have two swivel monitors which I keep in rotated so that they are in portrait mode all the time. [I’ve never been able to get my head around why we have pages and books in predominantly portrait orientation, yet our screens (TV, cinema, computer) are all in landscape orientation. But that’s another issue.]

As a writer and reader I love having my monitors rotated so that my vertical scrolling is reduced and so that I can see all or most of what’s on a ‘page’ (web page, document etc.). I use ATI’s Catalyst Control Center (CCC) to set these controls (I believe this software came with my graphics card).

All has been wonderful for the past couple of years. Then earlier this week when I was in the city for work, I took my computer to my PC Guru guys for a service, clean, tune-up, and for them to do some tweaks and install SP3 if they thought it was necessary. They did. But since then the ATI CCC will NOT hold the rotation setting for my monitors.

Today I Googled the problem and found that the cause is SP3. So far I haven’t implemented a solution as I’m getting very confused with all the ‘noise’ on the support forums about which driver works and which doesn’t. I’m waiting on my PC guys to get back to me with a recommendation.

Meantime, if this has happened to you, here are some of the resources I looked at that document this issue with Windows XP SP3, ATI CCC, and rotating monitors:

Cliff at PC Guru came back with a solution, which I haven’t tried yet: Download and install the “Display Driver” option from here:

That’s the 8.5 Catalyst upgrade; I also found that there’s an upgrade to 8.6 here:

Update 8 July 2008: I installed the 8.5 Display Driver and it worked a treat—I can now swivel my monitors back to portrait mode and the setting holds. Thanks Cliff!

Google Desktop Search

The next thing I discovered was that my early June update of Google Desktop Search (GDS) no longer worked. I suspected SP3… So I Googled, and sure enough, there are issues with some versions of GDS with SP3. Solution: Download and install the latest version of GDS from here: http://desktop.google.com/.


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