Corporate/business blogging

July 3, 2008

Some months ago I was involved in a discussion with a company about corporate blogging. Should they do it or not? If so, what was the best way to go about it? What were the pitfalls?

Prior to that discussion I sent them a list of links that talked about many of these issues, and a set of questions they needed to ask and answer within their team.


  • Will you have one blog (with several writers) or many (one per writer; e.g. MSDN)? How will you maintain ‘voice’?
  • Who will write the blog posts?
  • Who will maintain the blog?
  • Who has the final say on what gets posted or not? Are there any controls or approvals prior to publishing?
  • Will you allow comments? On all posts, or just some?
  • Where will you host the blog? SUGGESTION: If you are a large company, host it yourself on your own website and link to it from your menus. Do not use an external blog host like Blogger, WordPress etc. (though you can use their install-it-yourself technology) if you are a large company.
  • If you have photos, make sure they’re of real people at the company or the company’s events. ALWAYS get permission to use photos of people (internal or external).
  • What will you write? PR stuff, events, general articles, “how to’s”, who’s doing what and where, new products/releases, future plans?
  • What design will you use? SUGGESTION: Use the corporate look and feel or something close to it, or at least an obvious message that this is your company’s blog (e.g. MSDN, branded with the company logo).


Some of these resources may help:

[Links last checked April 2013]


  1. If I may be so bold as to suggest your readers might be interested in reading my post on business blogging, entitled: Nobody Wants to Read a Stupid Blog. I think it provides an application to the insight you will glean from your line of questioning.

  2. […] even more corporate blogging resources, see the link list on Rhonda Bracey’s post entitled Corporate/business blogging. Subscribe to the comments for this post Posted on : Dec 03 2008 Tags: adobe, author-it, blog, […]

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