Word: Find the location of a linked graphic

June 18, 2008

Word 2003: If you use linked graphics and want to find a graphic’s location, click on it, then press ALT+F9. This shows the file path. Press Alt+F9 to show the graphic again.

Word 2007: The Alt+F9 trick doesn’t appear to work for me in Word 2007, though it does work for a friend of mine (go figure…). An alternative way to find the graphic’s location is to click the graphic, click the large Microsoft Office button in the top left corner, select Prepare, then click Edit Links to Files. All linked files are listed. The first one is highlighted—it may or may not be the graphic you selected, but at least it’s a start, though not an option when you have 500 linked graphics in your document!

Update: 21 August 2008: It seems that if the Word 2007 doc is saved as a *.docx document, the Alt+F9 thing doesn’t work (I found a reference to this on a forum from July/August 2007!). Saving it as a *.doc file allows Alt+F9 to work. (Forum details here)

[This article was first published in the September 2006 CyberText Newsletter; checked for compatibility with Word 2007, 21 August 2008]

[Links last checked August 2012]

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