Microsoft Office keyboard shortcuts

June 4, 2008

Some handy keyboard shortcuts for various Office 2003 programs.


  • To quickly open the Format Cells window, press Ctrl+1 in any cell.


Switch to left pane folders quickly with these:

  • Mail: Ctrl+1
  • Calendar: Ctrl+2
  • Contacts: Ctrl+3
  • Tasks: Ctrl+4
  • Notes: Ctrl+5

Switch to Inbox:

  • Ctrl+Shift+I (upper case I for India)


To temporarily turn off your presentation, press B or a full stop/period to make the screen black; press W or a comma to make it white (great for showing shadow animals! Just kidding…). Press ESC or the same key again to return to your presentation. Note: The letters aren’t case-sensitive..

[This article is from various CyberText Newsletters published prior to 2008.]

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