Editing a digital voice recording: 1: Converting the WAV file

June 1, 2008

Audacity didn’t recognize the WAV file from my DVR when I tried to open it using File > Open, even though Windows Media Player played it in its native format without any problems.

I searched Audacity’s (unhelpful) Help file for clues, then the internet. Some clues later, I tried importing the file (Project > Import Audio), but that didn’t work, and nor did importing it as a Raw file (Project > Import Raw File) which was Audacity’s suggestion in the error message.

Back to the internet where I found another clue—try opening the so-called WAV file in Windows Sound Recorder (Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder), then save it as a WAV file again (File > Save As). That worked—or so I thought. I now had a WAV file that Audacity could import. But only a few minutes imported. Actually, the entire 75 mins imported, but it was compressed into these few minutes which meant I sounded like a chipmunk on speed!

Off to Google again where I found a forum post that suggested using Switch audio converter. So I downloaded and installed it, then successfully converted the DVR’s WAV file format in to a recognisable WAV format. Now I had 75 mins of real time audio which I then imported into Audacity (Project > Import Audio).

Continue to Part 2: Editing in Audacity.

One comment

  1. FANTASIC!!!!! Thanks for this – hit the EXACT same problem. Went though all sorts of forums with people just re-recording the audio into the PC mic as the only solution.
    I went through the Windows Movie Maker WAV ->> WMA route, but ended up with an uneditable WMA file so stuck again.

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