First impressions DO count

April 13, 2008

A fresh set of eyes over a piece of writing will invariably pick up errors not found by the person who wrote it; errors such as typos, punctuation, spelling, grammar, tense, and voice, as well as inconsistencies of usage within the same document.

So if you have a newsletter, marketing brochure, flyer, menu, web page, or any other written material that will be seen by others, then consider the cost of a bad first impression. A glossy, color, 3-fold brochure to be mailed out to 1000 clients and potential clients, will probably incur a 4-figure cost—and one that you don’t want to incur too often. Add to this the hidden cost of losing a potential customer because they judged you by a spelling error…

For a very small investment in relation to the total cost, consider hiring a freelance editor or writer to take a look at your piece BEFORE it gets printed. That way you’ll be sure it’s called “Valentine’s Day, not “Valantine’s Day”, as I saw in a promotion for a classy local restaurant.

[This article was first published in the March 2002 CyberText Newsletter]

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