Meeting across time zones?

February 23, 2008

Do you work with colleagues scattered around the country or the world, or need to communicate with friends and family at an acceptable hour for all?

Then check out this website:

You select up to four cities, then the online software tries to find a convenient time for everyone. A colour-coded table of times shows you which are the best times.

I entered Perth, Boston, and San Diego and found that the most likely times that were mutually suitable were between 7 and 9am Perth time. Pretty neat.

(Thanks to Stuart B for this tip!; this article was first published in the June 2006 CyberText Newsletter; link last checked January 2008]

Update: Microsoft has a small Time Zone program you can download and install. You enter the locations and when you hover over the icon in the System Tray, the places and their current days and times are displayed. I find it very handy as my main client is in Brisbane, one of my client’s bosses is in Sydney, and I have a regular conference call with people in Auckland and Boston (NY time).

Microsoft Time Zone application


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