February 14, 2008

I needed a better way to manage my task list—you know, all those ‘to do’ items that seem to accumulate and breed like wire coat hangers.

I’ve used Outlook’s Tasks but find them very one dimensional. Yes, I know you can set categories and the like, but I still don’t think Outlook’s Tasks work very well, especially if you’ve adopted some of the David Allen Getting Things Done principles.

More recently I’ve been using good old pen and paper, but transferring the items from one page to the next was taking more time than I’d like. So I thought I’d investigate a few online options seeing as though I spend much of my life at the computer <sad>…

I researched and tested a few popular ones and decided to try out Toodledo. I’ve now been using the free version for a few weeks and will upgrade to the Pro version soon as I can see myself using the extra features the Pro version offers. Just being able to categorize my tasks under folders is a great help—I’ve set up a folder for each client, for my own business (work, but unpaid), for personal activities, for my conferences this year, etc. I can see all tasks at a glance, and can sort them by folder, due date, priority, etc.

If you’re looking for an online ‘to do’/task list manager, give Toodledo a try.

Update (7 April 2008): If you want to see what task list management software is available, get over to
where you’ll find a list of around 100 software and web applications. Make sure you click the link for the operating system you use, or the Web link for the online ‘to do list’ managers.

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