Printing an Outlook address book or phone list

February 3, 2008

Adapted from an OfficeWatch article by Phil Young, Dec 2005 (http://www.office-watch.com/t/n.aspx?articleid=252):

I needed to print an address book or phone directory based on my Contacts in Outlook 2003. I wanted a booklet that was folded in half and stapled along the spine, using standard paper.

Outlook 2003 had more printing options than I expected. After some experimentation I found the solution that met my needs perfectly.

I selected the Contacts list then File > Print. I chose the Medium Booklet Style printing option, then looked at the Page Setup options. On the Paper tab I chose the 1/2-sheet booklet option and Portrait orientation.

Other options are worth experimenting with, including the font size, whether you want ‘blank forms at end’ or ‘contact index on side’ (I unchecked both options). Print Preview gave me a simple way to check the effect of the various settings quickly and without wasting paper.

Printing on both sides of the paper required two passes, firstly printing only the Odd pages, then sending the paper through again to print only the Even pages. A printer with a duplex option would make it much easier.

The result is an attractive booklet that can be folded and stapled along the spine.

[This article was first published in the March 2006 CyberText Newsletter]


  1. You said: “Printing on both sides of the paper required two passes, firstly printing only the Odd pages, then sending the paper through again to print only the Even pages.”

    How did you tell Outlook which pages were odd and which were even? In the “print pages” dialogue, you listed 1,3,5, 7, …. and then print again selecting pages 2, 4, 6?.

  2. Hi Bob

    The original author (Phil) doesn’t detail this in his article, but typically you’d do exactly as you’ve described — type 1,3,5, etc. for the odd pages and 2,4,6, etc. for the even pages. Even Outlook 2010 doesn’t offer you an option for printing odd/even pages, so you have to enter the page numbers.

    Suggestion: If you’re not familiar with how your printer prints odd/even pages using two passes, test the orientation of the paper into the feed tray on a SINGLE sheet first (say, p1, then flip the paper and do p2). Mark the way the paper has to go back into the feed tray to get the best results, otherwise you’ll end up either overprinting the initial page or printing on the back back upside down! Don’t ask me how I know this… ;-)


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