Outlook: More keyboard shortcuts

February 2, 2008


Do you need to reschedule an appointment and want to compare days with nonadjacent dates? Or perhaps you want to schedule something on a Friday, but you want to find a Friday in a quiet week.

To show nonadjacent days in the calendar, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on various dates in the Date Navigator (a fancy word for the mini calendar in the task pane).


You can quickly jump to an email message from a particular sender.

  1. Sort the emails by the sender’s name (Arranged By: From).
  2. Click on any message in the list to put the cursor focus on the list.
  3. Now press the letter you want and you should jump to the first entry with that letter (e.g. press T to go to the first T entry). Even better, quickly type the first few letters (e.g. TE) and you’ll jump to the first entry that starts with te. But you have to be quick—if you pause too long between letters, Outlook will treat the second letter as a new search (in the example, you’d jump to the first T entry then the first E entry).

This trick works with most sort orders, including Subject.

[This article was first published in the December 2005 CyberText Newsletter]

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