Safety and hazard symbols

January 13, 2008

Ever needed a safety/hazard sign or symbol to use in your documentation? Then try the ones available here: http://www.cptec.org/symbols.html

They are in EPS and GIF formats and are free to use in technical documentation; there are restrictions on their use for other purposes, so make sure you read the legal notes.

Update 26 August 2008:

Note: As at April 2011, the instructions below do not work. I have emailed the website owner to find out how to access these symbols.

  1. When you get to this page, click the graphic for the symbols. You get taken to the Forum page (mostly in German but with enough English words to figure out what’s what).
  2. On the main Forum page, click a set in the top section (they have “N” next to them).
  3. When you get to the next page, all the symbols for that set are listed individually, and the complete set is ‘pinned’ at the top. To see all the symbols in that set, click the link for the ‘pinned’ set; to see an individual symbol, click its link.
  4. Once you can see the symbol (or the complete set), you’ll find a link to download it.

[Link last checked April 2011]

One comment

  1. […] Earlier post on this blog with a link to a comprehensive set of symbols: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/safety-and-hazard-symbols/ […]

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