Making stars

January 8, 2008

Do you need a star symbol like this ★ in your HTML? Can’t find one in the standard lists of HTML entities?

Then use this (remove the spaces in your actual code): & # x2605 ;

You want five stars ★★★★★? Then just run five of these these entities together in your HTML code.


  1. that just came up as a box. what browser are you using?

  2. Darn! This used to work in IE6, which is where I first tested it. It doesn’t appear to work in IE7, but it does work in Firefox.

  3. I’ve just checked some online resources and it seems that even if you change the character encoding of the page to UTF-8 or make the entity “& # 9733 ;” (without the spaces or quotes), it makes no difference. The star symbol still doesn’t show in IE7 unless you have a special font installed – it’s treated as a WingDing and WingDings aren’t good in HTML. Back to the drawing board for me… I think I’ll have to use a small graphic for the places I use it, which is what I was trying to avoid. Even if I installed the font, I can’t guarantee that end users would have this font installed.

    Some of the sites I checked:
    * http://www.bigbaer.com/sidebars/entities/
    * http://forums.htmlhelp.com/lofiversion/index.php/t1742.html
    * http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/miscellaneous_symbols.html

  4. Further to this…

    Several people have come to this post looking for how to add a star symbol in Microsoft Word. That’s easy!

    In Word 2003, go to Insert > Symbol, change the Font to Wingdings, and scroll about two ‘pages’ down. It’s Wingdings character code 171.

  5. More… It doesn’t work in IE8 either, but continues to work in Firefox.

    You can also use & # 9733; (without the spaces) for the same result.

    And if you’re using Word, you can add it quickly using the Unicode character — type 2605 followed immediately by Alt+X.

  6. Thanks Rhonda, this is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m using Google Chrome and it works well. (:

  7. Thanks Rhonda, I was thinking to use this for my movie ratings, However wondering if I wanna give 2.5 out of 5 stars, How should I give that Half star?

    Do we have any Code for half star?

  8. Hi

    I don’t think so. You’ll probably have to use a graphic of some sort.


  9. That’s so bad !! I will go ahead with some graphics as you suggested,
    Little off topic, if you will get some time please do help me .

    In my blog i would like to create one category, lets say – news. I would also like to get the recent posts heading from that category – news and display in side bar using text widget !!

    Is that possible?
    Thanks for helping me!!

  10. Unfortunately, I only know the basics of using WordPress. Have you checked the support and forums to see if you can do this?


  11. Thank you, Rhonda. I did check in support, however did not search in Forums. Will do it. Thank you for your time!!

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