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June 12, 2007

I received a lovely pile of books from Amazon the other day (oh goody! Christmas already!) and figured I may as well join up with their Associates program again. (Aside: Way back in another life -1996? – when I was working as a captive employee, we joined Amazon Associates, but it was so new and so early in web development that it didn’t really fly. Anyhow, that episode in my life is a story for another time…)

The books I received were some I couldn’t get here in Australia, and some were just so cheap compared to local prices (even including freight) that it was a no-brainer to buy them from Amazon. Much as I’d love to support Australian companies, when the difference is more than $100 AUD you start to think more globally.

The upshot of all that is that I figured other technical writers might like a synthesized list of what’s on *my* tech writing bookshelf. So I created an Amazon store for my recommendations. You can visit it here: http://astore.amazon.com/cybertconsul-20/

BTW, *any* item you purchase from Amazon after linking via my store, brings me a dollar or two. No difference to you – you still pay the normal Amazon price – but I get a small percentage.

We’ll see how it goes…


  1. There were a couple on your list that I was about to buy anyway, so I went through your links for the purchase. Hope things worked as they should.

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